What It Means To Be A ‘pup'.

Since 2000, the Astropups have been bringing a fun, frisky, and fabulous nature to the Burning Man Playa in the form of events, costumes, and personalities. Throughout the year, us pups hold numerous conference calls and events in the hope that we will improve upon the experience we brought to the Playa last year. First and foremost, our camp fosters a spirit of community and companionship - you can routinely find pups in San Francisco, New York, and Atlanta coordinating with each other, spending time with each other, and genuinely enjoying the network of creative, passionate adults that we have collectively formed.

Inter-Dimensional Space Exploration.

With Fur.

As pups, our group has a curious and dogged nature of discovery and wonder: we have an innate need to classify all forms and functions of life within this amazing universe! We were set loose upon the universe many moons ago from the pup homeworld, and make it a point each year to stop in at the Burning Man festival (we like to see what these creatures called “human beings” are doing with themselves these days). If you feel the need to revel in our intergalactic planetary festivities, you can find us on-Playa to strike up a conversation about fire hydrants or squirrels.


The Playa is a big, wondrous place with much to see and much to do. What better way to experience all that joy than with a great friend at your side, or with your pack ARFing along with you? And, as one of the longest running queer (and friendly) camps on playa, we have a big (like LARGE) extended family in and out of the dust.


It’s been known for some time now that Astropups Labs has developed the best food technology on the Playa. Amazing meals - because exotic dishes and nummy nom noms are part of every great experience.


Whether its reinventing your high school prom to better account for alternative life styles, creating a safe space for bears to shower with each other (and get intoxicated at the same time), or hosting greco-roman nude oil wrestling matches, the pups always seem to be a community gather spot.